SEO tips

Keywords: perhaps the most important phase in SEO, in order to have a good understanding on what keywords you need to use fro your website you must run a keyword analysis and try to utilize the keywords that are relevant  to your field, these key words could be introduced through lots of tools provided online or just through your creative thinking, however after you figure out the keywords you want to use, make sure to run a test on how these keywords are searched and what is their KEI.

Main content: Make sure  to  use your  keywords in the content of your site, however don't over use them in a small paragraph .

Hidden links and Text: many webmasters use this trick to try and fool search engines cruller, however this trick is not  tolerated anymore by most search engines.

Link farms: Link farms are solely for the purpose to create a free for all link, search engines don't like these kinds of websites, so be careful not link to one of them,.

Spamming: Do not sent commercial emails

Selling page ranking: do not sell links on your page for the purpose of boosting other websites ranking, search engines penalize for this act.

Multiple domains: creating many domains and interlink them to each other is a bad sign for search engines, websites get penalized harshly.

Excessive links: do not overload your page with links, having more than 100 links to one page can reduce your page ranking.